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We joined the Happy Neighborhood Project to meet other happy business like us! We’ve taken the pledge to provide great customer service and to encourage a positive work environment. In short The Happy Neighborhood Project is a registry for Happy Businesses in our local region, but it’s more than that. The Happy Neighborhood Project is a place for like minded Happy Business to come together and help each other within out very competitive area to create a happy business community. We believe that a happy business makes a happy community and that aligns with the HNP mission, which we love! Our goal within the HNP is to teach and promote our Happy Website Maintenance Program with the community to make sure that every business has a happy website! According the HNP a happy business will attract 37% more customers, so can you image what a happy website can do along with that? That’s why we’ve created the Happy Website Maintenance Program, so that we can make sure your website is happy, to go along with the effort you’re putting into your business to make sure that you have a proud happy company!